Thursday, September 1, 2011

Exploring The Camera

 The Camera
1. When there's a tiny hole, in a completely dark room the outside scene is displayed on the wall upside down

2. The glass lens

3. A glass lens, a dark box, and film

4. They're still made of a lens, a dark box, and film

5. An electronic sensor called a CCD

Camera Modes

6. Auto does err-thin for  you, and Program lets you control some features like Flash

7. Portrait mode uses the fastest lens mode, to blur the background a little.

8. Sports mode is used for fast moving things. It uses the fastest shutter mode possible to capture motion.

The Half Press

9. To set up the shot you want it before you take the picture.

Controlling Flash

10. Disabled Flash. You'd use that when you didn't want any flash.

11. Auto Flash. This is the default setting.

Introduction to Exposure

12. The picture will be washed out

13. The picture will be to dark

The Universal Stop

14. A stop is used to measure the brightness of a light

15. 1

16. 1

Shutters and Aperture

17. More light

18. Less light

19. Amount of light let in

20. Opening it more

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