Thursday, September 22, 2011

Acedemics Shoot

Lines.I followed the rule alright in this picture. I was trying to get the hand for my subject, but that didn't really work to well. I should have shot it from a better angle, and while he was still writing.

Avoiding Mergers
I obviously didn't follow this rule, because I was told not to, but Mr. Izor totally merges with the wall because of the low-lighting.

I followed the rule pretty good here, mostly basic shapes and solid colors for the background, a simple subject, and not to much action going on here ether. The subject was the 2 guys sitting in class, i felt that was pretty obvious.

Rule of Thirds
 I used the rule when setting up this shot to frame my subjects in the corner for a more generally eye-pleasing picture. My subject were the 2 students in the corner paying attention to their lesson. I think I did a pretty good job of making that clear.

I kept this balanced by keeping Mrs. Delmore not too much to the side, but also not perfectly centered. It's pretty clear that she's the subject here.

All the lines in this picture frame Kyria's face. She's the subject, and I made that pretty easy to recognize in this one. Also, I like the way the attendance thing is right there in the corner.

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