Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sports Shooter

Name of photographer 
-Josh Birbaum
General focus of portfolio (photoj, sports, stories, etc.)

-Handicapped Sports
List three problems that the judges note with the portfolio - -A lot of good "second pictures"
-Some too cliche
-Needed to wait for the moment more often
List two things the judges like--Not too many pictures of kids
-Some of the pictures were composed well
What is your overall impression? What did you like or not like? 

-I thought it was alright, I feel like I've seen enough of the whole handicapped theme. I liked some of the funnier pictures and the composition on some of them.

What did the judges note as strengths as they were critiquing it?
-General composition and creativity.
What do you see as strengths? Do you see any weaknesses?

-I liked the way he was in with the action, but a few of the pictures were weaker than others.

Briefly describe the process the judges went through in deciding the winner.
-They just went though some of the better ones and decided which was best

1. Describe one photo that you agree with the judges on. Explain why you and the judges do or do not like it.
-I agree that the sumo wrestler going up the escalator was the best in the No Ball category. The expression on the lady's face was priceless.
2. Describe one photo that you do NOT agree with the judges on. Explain why you think the judges are wrong. 
-I didn't think that the soccer picture should have beat the baseball picture in the No Pro / No College category. The Baseball one was more creative.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Japanese Earthquake

The framing in this picture gives the photo album a resilient look. Like a spot of joy in the rotting death. 

The framing used in this picture makes it look like I'm in the building, looking out at the sanitation guy.  

The Rule of Thirds gave this picture a more complete look. If it had just been  the hand dead-center, then it wouldn't  have had such an impact.