Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I really liked this one. The lighting was reminded me of a Sunday morning. His expression was priceless. And his hair was messed up, it looked as if someone took this right as he woke up.

Her face is awesome. I's just like, I'm old, but I still have fun and laugh. The bookshelves were a good background choice for this one.

I'd definitely want to do a casual shot, they're cool.

Shortlist Warm up

Wildlife: I like this one because Giraffes rule.

Creative License: I liked this one because it was not only a cool photo, but it was also self shot.

Documentary: I thought the hand looked cool in this one

Fashion: I thought this was cool because of that shadow

Landscape: I liked the colors and vibrancy

Gardens and Plants: I liked the abstractness of this shot

Family: I thought it was funny to see his draws.

Portrait: Basset Hounds are my favorite dog

Travel: I liked the water

I liked this because homeboy didn't care

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ethics in Fashion

1.-Elongated neck
-Bigger eyes
-Brighter eyes
-Fuller lips
-Blemish Removal
2. No. It's totally wrong, it gives this glamorized, fake perception of the product, and it's a huge influence on the societal view of beauty. It makes girls strive to achieve an impossible look, and leads to psychological problems.

3. I guess, like completely faking events and whatnot.

4. A little color enhancement and blemish fixes here and there are cool, but that's it.

5. Fashion photography is just a bunch of fake bull to make you want to buy something, and photojournalism is to tell stories through artistic photography.

6. Fashion photography shapes reality and Photojournalism captures it.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Worst/Best Alterations

This was the most unethical photo because this was never actually photograpghed
All the did was move the Pyramids closer together. It's not a big deal, just a magazine cover.

Ethical Altering

A. Long story short, people messed with pictures, and lost their jobs.
B. Messing with pictures is wrong because it takes the viability out of the picture.

National Geographic Warm Up

I really liked this photo. The way he's kind of looking over at the audience and clenching his mouth makes it seem like he's a little irritated, like he was in deep thought before you interrupted him. He has a great sense of wisdom with age to him.

A picture of somebody in a room, by a window

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Abandoned Theme Parks

1. Out of all of these theme parks, Takakanonuma Greenland, Hobara, Japan, looks like the one I'd want to visit most. I like the way that everything is all rusty and deteriorating. It gives it the creepy feel that none of the other parks seem to do as well. It looks like somewhere where I would want to film a video or movie. 


-Drainage Ditches
-Water Processing Plants
-Inside Airplanes (like, not the sky and stuff, the people in the plane)
-Movie Theaters
-Gas Stations


5. I think it'd be pretty cool to take photos of drainage ditches. As a kid there were, and still are, a lot of drainage ditches by my house. My friends and I used to go play in them all day. I'd probably take some retrospective photos, with like, me and my friends playing in them as teenagers now. 

6. I pretty much just need a camera, and my friends. Maybe a little food money. And that's it.