Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Abandoned Theme Parks

1. Out of all of these theme parks, Takakanonuma Greenland, Hobara, Japan, looks like the one I'd want to visit most. I like the way that everything is all rusty and deteriorating. It gives it the creepy feel that none of the other parks seem to do as well. It looks like somewhere where I would want to film a video or movie. 


-Drainage Ditches
-Water Processing Plants
-Inside Airplanes (like, not the sky and stuff, the people in the plane)
-Movie Theaters
-Gas Stations


5. I think it'd be pretty cool to take photos of drainage ditches. As a kid there were, and still are, a lot of drainage ditches by my house. My friends and I used to go play in them all day. I'd probably take some retrospective photos, with like, me and my friends playing in them as teenagers now. 

6. I pretty much just need a camera, and my friends. Maybe a little food money. And that's it.

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