Monday, September 26, 2011

Academic Shoot Reflection

1. What challenges did you encounter while trying to get the photos following the rules I set out for you?
I was mostly having trouble remembering all of them.

2. What technical aspects of photography or the assignment in general (focus, framing, holding the camera, etc.) did you find yourself thinking about the most? Provide a specific example of what you did to do this correctly.
Focusing was my big thing, and I was trying really hard to get things focused the way I wanted, but autofocus is lame.

3. If you could do the assignment again, what would you do differently now that you know some basic rules of photography?

I would move around less while I was shooting, and try to memorize all the rules better
4. What things would you do the same?

I'd go to the same classrooms.
5. When you go out with your next set of prompts, which rule do you think will be the easiest to achieve?


Rule of Thirds
6. Which rule do you think will be the hardest to capture?

7. What rule are you still not totally clear on and what can you do to figure out what that rule is?

I don't know much about balance, but I'll look it up later

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