Thursday, January 5, 2012


This officer sucks. I forgot his name, but he sucks.

This was cool because it's just like some random guy with a guitar during the middle of a war. He's so juxtaposed, it's beautiful.

I just like this because he's showing the police his ass.

Being a music junkie and all, I couldn't just pick a "best song" of 2011. So here's my favorite album of 2011. Really it was hard to pick that even. The Roots' Undun is an album that I've listened to at least 10 times since it's release on October 10th. This is a concept album about a kid who falls into a life of crime, against his moral wishes. The interesting thing here though, is that it's telling the story from death to birth. Hence, becoming undun. It's a solid album 10/10, and is most definitely my favorite rap album of the year, followed closely by Kendrick Lamar's Section 80 and Big K.R.I.T.'s Return of 4eva. I thing my favorite "rock" album would be either WU-LYF's Go Tell Fire to the Mountain, or Andrew Jackson Jihad's Knife Man.
The only movie from this year that I saw that I actually remember was Harry Potter, and it was just meh. So here's the best movie I saw all year. Eraserhead. If you're familiar with this movie, it needs no explanation, and if you're not, there is no explanation.
Occupy Wall Street. This was probably the most exciting news for me, after seeing so much from the London and Vancouver riots, I was begging for some kind of rebellious gathering to come our way.
Wayne Coyne is my person of the year. Why? Because he was the first person to pop in my head. He delivers a good message and just seems like an overall cool guy.


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