Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Final Review

1)  Down thurr

1. Rule of thirds-Setting shots up in a way that is pleasing to the eye by using a grid made out of thirds
2. Balancing Elements- Keeping pictures from seeming too heavy on one side
3. Leading Lines- Using lines to move the eye
4. Symmetry and Patterns (repetition)- Keeping a consistent repeating image
5. Viewpoint- Using high-up or low-down angles to make a feel of power or inferiority
6. Background- Keeping a simple background to draw attention to the subject
7. Create depth- Give the picture a more 3-D real life feel
8. Framing- Frame and draw attention to the subject
9. Cropping- Cutting out excess information
10. Mergers and avoiding them- Keeping a little contrast in the subject/background

Aperture- How wide the lens opens up/ how muck light is let in
Shutter Speed- How fast /slow it opens/closes lens
ISO- Light sensitivity

4)  Open up server drives, My Computer>jstudents>photoj>4th>Hauser, John

5) Catchy Headlines, not catchy fonts. Keep it simple, stupid.

6. Removing a few blemishes is cool, but making things that never happened seem like they happened is wrong.

Formal- Very set up, very specific
Environmental- taken  in natural environment, like students in a classroom
Informal- Not as specifically set, but still posed for.
A baby is eaten by a shark. Turned out to just be sidewalk art. 

Jimmy is attacked by bees. He later claimed that it wasn't as painful as expected.

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