Friday, December 2, 2011

Self Portraits 2

Don’t be afraid to do a bit of photoshop jiggery pokery – you can do a lot of cool stuff by ensuring you’re in the photo multiple times, for example

 A mirror or some other reflective surface offers an even easier way to take a self-portrait. In most cases, the camera will be included in the scene

I liked this one because he's got that face of concentration going on. I've totally been there before, simply entranced by what you're playing.

I thought this was cool because of the flowers in the front, it throws an overall scheme to it.

This one's cool 'cause it's like a softer, more reflective side of Mr.Tough Guy
I like this one because her nail polish is so smeared. It's gives her this chaotic feel

This was cool cause it's all serious and stuff.
I like this one for his beard.

    For my portrait assignment, I have no idea who I'm gonna shoot, if it's still rainy and whatnot, I'll probably shoot someone in the courtyard. To make it successful, I'm gonna have them causing a human eclipse on the sun.

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