Monday, January 30, 2012


School name: Burnett High School
School location, exact location: 1401 north Main St. Burnett, Texas 78611
School size: N/A
How many pages is the book? 178
How many sections are in the book? 6
List the sections in the book:
What sports are played at that school? Cross Country, Football, and Volleyball
Give me a list of some of the clubs a student could join at that school?
-Student Council
-Esprit de Corps
What are the school colors? Green and white?
What is the theme of the book? If these walls could talk...
What thematic elements are present throughout the book? Fun frames, green is the only color in the book, besides a few special photos, a bunch of different fonts
How many years has the book been published? 14
Who is the editor-in-chief of the book? N/A
Who is the advisor? N/A
What  is your favorite spread in the book? The "Yearzine" part at the end
What do you like about this book? Laughing at the fashion/news/trends
What would you change if you were working on that book? The god-awful fonts
Would you like to go to that school? Naw
Why would you or would you not like to go to that school? Seems small and really divided into definite groups of people/friends

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