Monday, February 27, 2012

Newspaper Design Notes

-Broad Sheet
-Tabloid: 1/2 Broad
-Jump: Article started on front page, cont. inside.
-Flag: Name-O-Publication
-Folio: Name of City/School, date, section, page number, etc.
-Teaser: Story preview
-Headlines/Subheadlines: Complete sentences with no punctuation at the end made to catch attention
-Captions: 3 Parts
        1 Captionhead - attention grabber
        2 Caption - MUST be at least 2 sentences long
               -Describe action as it's happening
               -Follow up
       3 Photo Cred.
        1 Author
        2 Title
-Story Divider: Thin line between Stories
-Infographics: Informative graphics
Important Dicisions
   -What stories, where
   -Headlines, etc.

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